How to clean Bose headphones: The Bose headphones usually get dirty with prolonged use. It is normal; it needs to clean Bose headphones.

Street dust clogs into the bonding points, and earwax worsens the sound of the models and their appearance. To keep the Bose headphones close to the pre-sale form, you need to do preventive cleaning at least once every two weeks. Often the user is worried that they might be doing something wrong. There is no cause for concern – the process of restoring the headphones’ appearance is simple and interesting.


Let’s start in order. Each type of headphone has its pollution problems. But most of them have in-channel models.

Dirt clogs into the canal, “build up” on the liners – and it’s just awful.

Here, pollution can spoil the aesthetic appearance and prevent the music from being played correctly.

Closed-back and on-ear headphones are the least susceptible to this.

Such careful care for them, in contrast to intracanal, is not required. But no one has canceled the clogging of the foam pads, which are mostly used in on-ear headphones.

Dust and dirt remain inside the fabric base, which is less harmful to the headphones, but more to human health.


What do you need to get started on How to clean Bose headphones? First, isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will disinfect the headphone housing and remove any dirt.

Hydrogen peroxide applied to cotton wool will also help with sulfur. Everyone can find everything else for preparation: toothpicks, cotton swabs, a toothbrush, and a soft piece of cloth or a napkin. So let’s get started on How to clean Bose headphones.

You can purchase a headphone cleaner kit here.


  • Before starting work, disconnect the earplugs from the headphones and wipe them with a cloth slightly dampened with peroxide.
  • If dirt remains in hard-to-reach places, it is worth using a toothbrush.
  • True, she should not zealously polish the linings, as you can spoil the material. To be sure, you can walk the napkin again.
  • Next, we move on to the mesh covering the headphone channel. If it is possible to pull out the mesh (make sure it is removable), use a needle or tweezers.
  • After removing the mesh, put it in alcohol poured into a small container.
  • If you still cannot get it, then dip the earphone so that only the lower border is in contact with the solution.
  • To disinfect the case (if you clean it, then that’s all), you need to walk over it with an alcohol-treated cotton swab or a piece of lint-free cloth.
  • The most famous headphones, which cannot be removed, are boss headphones, which can explain the cleaning process.
  • First, remove dirt from the mesh with a toothpick, ensuring that the mesh does not push through, and dirt does not get inside.
  • For some, it is convenient to use a toothbrush in this case. By the way, neither a toothpick nor a toothbrush can wet.
  • And the rest, according to the standard, we wipe the wires and the case with alcohol (make sure that it does not get inside) and leave it to dry.

By the way, to protect the boss’s headphones from dirt, there are special silicone tips that minimize the possibility of getting the headphones dirty.


  • Often, these types of headphones have foam inserts (pads) on the inside of the cup. In no case should they be wetted, as the foam rubber (regarding overhead models) can lose its shape under the influence of moisture.
  • The pads are best cleaned with a clothes roller or vacuum cleaner with a special narrow nozzle. With ear cushions in closed headphones, things are more comfortable.
  • Made of leather or leatherette, they quickly return to their original appearance after wiping with a damp cloth. To clean valor ear pads, a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or vinegar (a low-concentration solution is needed) is suitable.



  • There are often tips to wash your headphones or rinse them in water using a cleaning brush on the Internet.
  • Such methods are questionable since it is forbidden to wet any device of this kind inside.
  • It is also advisable to refrain from disassembling the headphones yourself before cleaning.
  • If the confidence that the headphones will assemble correctly turns out to be objective, this can make it.
  • And finally, one piece of advice. Before cleaning your headphones, you should check the care information for how to clean Bose headphones and your model on the manufacturer’s website.

Some Bose headphone companies recommend using certain solutions or care products. Start cleaning!

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