What are the Best Ways to Store Earbuds: Are you worried about your earbud’s safety and just think about how to wrap headphones tangle-free? No doubt, when we are using earbuds over headphones, it is the trickiest task to store. Because the wire can easily get tangled.  Currently, the earbuds make a place in every classroom, office, study room, restroom, and many other places.  As it is a very sensitive gadget, if you are throwing it carelessly, then its life span is reduced.  So here are the complete guidelines regarding earbuds storage that you should get.

7 the Best Ways to Store Earbuds- How to Keep Earphones in Good Condition:

  1. Use Mini Storage Tubs
  2. Properly Wrap earbuds cord
  3. Use a Plastic Zipper Bag for the Earphone Case
  4. Cut Hard card/ Credit Card
  5. Use Crochet and Snitch Headphone balls
  6. Get Blind clips
  7. Use jewelry Organizer

If you are thinking about storing a gaming headset, you are in the right place. Here are the best storage ways for earbuds that work amazingly.

1- Use Mini Storage Tubs.

Everyone has mini storage tubs in the home. If you want to keep your earbuds safe, then just take a small storage tub. Carefully wrap your earbuds wire and place it into the dry tub. This tub can also be carried during traveling or in many places.

2- Properly Wrap the earbuds cord.

The earbud cord is difficult to wrap. If it gets a knot, then it may be damaged and not working well. So, you need to pay full attention to the cord wrapping. The use of the hand is the best way to wrap the cord. Wrap the cord with soft hands and keep it in a safe place.

3- Use a Plastic Zipper Bag for the Earphone Case.

A plastic zipper bag is used to preserve many small items. So, when you have earbuds, then just take one plastic bag which has a zip. Make sure the bag is dry well.  Just clip your earbuds and place them into the plastic zipper bag.

4- Cut Hard card/ Credit Card.

Credit cards and hard cards are some of the most incredible ideas to store earbuds. The use of a credit card will overcome your confusion regarding how to store headphones in a bag. Just cut the card according to the earbud design and fit your buds into the credit card.

5- Use Crochet and Snitch Headphone balls.

Crochet designing is the most popular and grants to updated look at every era. If you have the art to use crochet, then why not design crochet balls for earbuds? Choose your favorite color and make the balls for your earbuds. This is an elegant and modish way to keep your earbuds safe.

6- Get Blind clips.

Use blind clips to warp the earbud cord and then keep it in any place without getting tangled. Another hand, if you have more than one earbud and want to store multiple earbuds, then you can also write its name in front of the clips. This way will give easy access to desired earbuds.

7- Use a Jewelry Organizer.

What is the Best Way to Store Earbuds?

A jewelry organizer comes with multiple separations.  So, it is also a good way of earbud storage. Some jewelry organizers are transparent, and many are colorful. Finally, wrap the earbud cord and keep it in the jewelry organizer.

Effective Tips- How to Store Wireless Earbuds:

Some tips are essential for long time headphone storage. So, get the tips and start following them.

  • Try to touch the earbuds with dry and clean hands. This way will increase the lifespan of earbuds and further overcome the damaging rate.
  • The earbuds storage place or container should dry and make sure this place is free from any liquid interaction.
  • First, wrap the earbud cord, then clip its buds. If you do not do this, it will be tangled and unable to perform well.
  • Keep the earbud volume low, and no need to exceed it from the upper limit. It is the best tip for your ears and earbud safety.

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